Wee Care Center will have four classes separated by age groups:
Newborn – 15 Months  •  16 – 24 Months  •  2 Year Olds  •  3 + 4 Year Olds
Each class will have schedules that align with your child’s development needs as they grow.  Between meal times, your child will get to experience outdoor play time, sensory and art activities, learning circle, and more.  Time will be set aside for your child to exercise their fine motor skills, cognitive development, and other learning activities so that they can thrive.  Our Newborn – 15 Month as well as 16 – 24 Month classes will have more flexibility based on your child’s needs.  Classes for children 2-years-old and above will have a designated nap time for your child to rest between their activities.  At Wee Care Center, your child’s wellbeing is our #1 priority. 
Information about your child’s day will be provided to you so that you can review your child’s progress and ask any questions you may have.  For infants, details about your baby’s feeding, sleeping, and diapering information will be provided for you to have at pick-up.
Detailed schedules and meal plans will be provided to you based on your child’s age group and class.